Stock Market Seminar

Kinetic Centre, London, Theobald Street, United Kingdom, WD6 4PJ
About this Event
At this event you will learn:
  • How you can build an income you can rely on from the stock market by trading for less than 20 mins a day
  • The same strategies Marcus de Maria used to become financially free
  • How to automate your trading and investing strategies to deliver consistent returns
  • How you to can be like the huge amount of other successful graduates that have learnt from Investment Mastery
Event Dates
Saturday 13 January / 10am - 6pm
No. of General Admission VIP Ticket
Why Investment Mastery?
The reason is simple. With our proven formula and unique approach of small inter-active groups with unlimited support enables you to achieve your goals faster.

Proven Strategies + Small Groups + Computer Each + Follow Up Support = Consistent Profits

This means that we are the only company to have literally hundreds of testimonials from our graduates who are making real money.
Michael Frydendal Larssen
"My background before attending the seminar was that during the last 1-2 years I had invested in stocks - without having any sort of strategy. After attending the course, I found the key to a constant positive return is to handle "risk management" correctly. The strategies and methods taught are simple and effective, and were communicated very easily. I have, 2-4 months after my participation in the Stock Market Seminar, monthly returns, which I didn't believe was possible to 'ordinary people'."
Michael Frydendal Larssen - Graduate of our 2 day Stocks Workshop
"I started live trading with small amounts to limit the risk. The first 6 months I made about 3 to 4% a month. Above all, these guys actually trade what they teach, they are not just a training organisation, they actually do it day-to-day. You can talk to the traders and find out what they are doing to learn more."

Bo Bauerfeind - Graduate of our 2 day Stocks Workshop
Bo Bauerfeind
Head Trainer: Rich Waterman
Rich Waterman, is a former investment banker having worked for over ten years on the trading floors of JP Morgan and Citibank. He was one of the youngest ever Vice Presidents at JP Morgan. He is now an entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience running his own businesses. He is an international speaker and one of the UK’s leading experts on how to create a success mindset. Rich is an NLP Trainer and is also a Trainer for Robbins Research International. He is one of twenty trainers who regularly works with Tony Robbins at his live events globally.

The simple answer is no. You can start with as little as £250. Of course the more money available to you to trade the higher the potential returns. So if starting with an account of £10,000 and you achieve a 3% return (a return we aim for with our strategies) that is an extra £600. To begin with we also recommend you start trading on a demo account before using real money so you can get used to the moods of the market, trading platforms, the strategies we use and also learn how you can fit trading into your current lifestyle.

You really don't. We have some students who trade 10 minutes a day, some spend 30 minutes a month, it depends on how much time you want to invest in it. In fact, we don't want you to trade full time. Life is for living and trading is a vehicle for you to do that, nothing more. Our stocks strategy is not trading and not investing - it is a mixture of the two. You'll probably be buying 5-7 stocks at any one time. If they take a month before they drop out (after you’ve make a large profit or a small loss), then you're looking at simply placing 4 or 5 trades per month. This takes just a few minutes a day, at any time of the day - so you really don't need to be a full time trader, not if you’re aiming for 3% profit a month. If you want higher returns and want to trade more, then that is a different story, but most people tell us they are more than happy with 36% a year.

No it's not at all - you just need to take the time to learn the basics. You remember how complicated the internet and emails were when you first tried them on your computer- and now it’s much easier - and you can do all that on your phone or how complicated learning to drive was – using the clutch, changing gears etc – and now you can do that without thinking. This trading system is the same - once you’ve been taught it and practised, you will wonder what all the fuss was about. When you’re learning, you do your first trades on a virtual trader, which means you have no risk whatsoever.

Not if you know what you are doing and take the time to get educated first. The trading system we teach is very safe - you only ever risk 1% of your capital. How? We also teach you how to use a Stop Loss, which sets the maximum amount you are prepared to lose before you enter the trade, enabling you to control the risk. In addition with our follow up support you will have the chance to talk through your trading experiences with a Journey Coach plus be able to take part in weekly webinars with our full time traders.

No, apart from the cost of the ticket to attend the event and your travel to our premises there are no extra costs. There is no obligation to participate in future events, workshops and courses available to you.

Yourself, a smile, a “can-do” attitude and a willingness to learn. Plus bring a notepad and pen to take any notes. The temperature of the room can vary – so please make sure you wear comfortable, layered clothes.

Venue: Kinetic Centre, London, Theobald Street, United Kingdom, WD6 4PJ